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We understand the desire for calm and clarity in today's fast-paced world, especially in a space steeped in history.

That's why we champion the use of contemporary furniture with clean lines in historical renovations.

This minimalist aesthetic serves as the perfect complement to the existing architecture, enhancing its beauty without overwhelming the space.

Using minimalism as an antidote to the chaos of the digital era and its constant buzz, we help our clients find feelings of presence, beauty and balance by highlighting meaningful items across their spaces.

How elements inside spaces belong together is a key factor to our design process, we adopt a cohesive approach by assisting our clients in a decluttering process that is both physical and mental.

Our paramount goal is to express each client's unique personality and functional needs by curating every aspect of the project from the large  scale architecture to the smallest detail in a stress-free environment from the initial brainstorm session to project development, and all the way through construction completion.

Our field of expertise is working within existing settings, redefining the meaning of historical renovation, preserving original features and combining them with cozy minimalism.


Erica Fossati was born in Monza, Italy and was raised in the countryside near Milan.

She grew up in an environment filled with historical, artistic, and architectural value.


She built her career in Italy, primarily working on the historic renovation of ancient manors, breathing new life into old buildings by converting them into hotels and houses worthy of modern life, combining ancient settings with the clean lines of contemporary furnishing.

After seven years there, she moved to Boston and joined a luxury residential architecture firm. A few years later she launched Erica Fossati Design, her own interior design atelier first located in Arlington then in Lancaster where she currently resides.

Erica holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano, one of the world's best architecture schools. She earned her architect's license a few months after graduation, which allows her to practice in Italy and through the European Union and she is currently in the process of obtaining the equivalent architecture license in the state of Massachusetts.


Her biggest passions besides architecture and design are her brainy husband, fiery daughters and their furry friend, along with fine art, hand-drawing, running, baking, and alt rock.

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